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Olive Oil Tanks

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Olive Oil Tanks


Olive oil is very sensitive. Many factors affect the quality of your oil such as air/light/heat/water/sediment. These speed up the oxidation process, shortening the shelf life of olive oil. It also likes to soak up nearby fragrances and flavors, which alter its taste and smell.


YUXIN stainless steel tanks are designed specifically for olive oil storage and have several quality-of-life features aimed at the olive oil industry.

-High quality stainless steel 304/316 has no flavor or odor, and is impenetrable by sun or moisture.

-Conical bottoms enable purging, special valves make racking easy, and the inert gas fitting prevents oxidation.

-Welds are brushed and polished for extra protection. All the tanks are rigorously tested to make sure they live up to the YUXIN quality standards.


Tanks Options: 

-Volume indicator(Magnetic flap type)

-Mirror polish inside

-Temperature control

-Pipe connection customized

-Other requirement customized


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