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Stackable Square Tanks

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Stackable Square Tanks


Don't sacrifice ANY MORE space! Stack them like you build blocks.

YUXIN Square Tanks can help you save space of your winery/cellar, also save space for shipping container.



Tanks Options: 

-1000L / 1500L / 2200L

-Sample valve

-Side manway

-Pipe connection customized

-Other requirement customized


Square tanks in production:


Our stainless steel wine tanks are designed with special features to make every step of the winemaking process easier. From maceration and fermentation, to maturation and clearing. You may use our sanitary stainless steel wine tanks:

-Sealed Wine Tanks

-Variable Capacity Wine Tanks

-Wine Fermentation Tanks

----Pump-over Fermenters

----Punch-down Fermenters

----Conical Wine Tanks

----Pressure Fermenters (for Sparkling Wine)

-Insulated Wine Tanks

-Multi-chamber Wine Tanks

-Fork tanks

-Square Wine Tanks



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