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Deaeration Machine

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Deaeration capacity: 2~50 tons/hour (customized)


The equipment has high precision and good stability, is widely used in various applications that require high-purity deoxygenated water.

The brewing water is directly fed into the turret for deoxygenation, and CO2 replacement is used. While deoxygenation is completed, the deoxygenated water is also partially carbonized.

After being cooled by a thin plate cooler, the deoxygenated water is mixed with beer, to get the finished beer that meets the needs of customers.

The cooling temperature of the thin plate adopts an automatic control system. In order to make the CO2 content of the dilution water meet the technological indicators of the dilution water, the system is equipped with a CO2 saturator to maintain the stability of the CO2 in the water.

The mixing of beer and deoxygenated water is controlled by the module to control the flow of deoxygenated water, and the mixing accuracy is stable. The system is automatically completed through the touch screen and PLC.

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