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5BBL Beer Brite Tank
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5BBL Beer Brite Tank

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5BBL Beer Brite Tank

The BBT is made from quality staninless steel, with dished head and cylindrical tank. It has refrigerant inlet and outlet, safety valve, sampling valve, temperature controller, sanitary manhole, CIP cleaning port, and carbon dioxide air charging system. It satisfies several technological requirements in beer brewing.

Main Features

-304 stainless steel

-Fixed stainless steel legs and bases with adjustable legs

-Preformed dimple cooling jackets within cladding

-Sanitary side mounted manway with pressured door

-Insulated with high density Polyurethane foam; TH=80mm

-Carbonation port


-Full sanitary metallic sealed sampling valve

-Pressure relief valve, pressure gauge

-Safety valve

-Temperature probe

-Carbon Stone

-Sight Level Glass

A) Capacity : from 200L -10,000L or customized

B) The position of manway door , on cylinder or dish head;

C) Cooling jacket can be ring jacket or dimple jacket;

D) Exterior jacket finish can be mirror finish , 2B finish ,brushed stainless steel finish

E) The type of the manway door can be flange type or the normal type .

F) The dish head can be signal or double layer


Details for Polished and Fine welding on the Beer Brewing Equipment /100% TIG WELDING/Automatic Grain System/Sanitary food grade

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