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Combine Tank Type Brewhouse Customized

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Combine Tank Type Brewhouse Customized

Micro Beer Brewery Equipment is widely applied to brewing various types of beers. It is popular in pub, hotel, restaurant such commercial places. Invest little, easy to get profit, you can get it in the same year , so it is a good choice for you.

We elaborately customize innovative-technology craft beer brewing equipment in personalization for every brewer/winemaker. And focus on stainless steel vessels and pay attention to high-end manufacturing and sincere service.



Milling System


Malt mill equipped with motor, pulley, belt, etc.

Brewhouse System





lauter tun & whirlpool tank combined, kettle

hot liquid tank

Steam heating, electric heating, direct fire heating

SUS304, thickness: 2.0-3.0mm

Rock wool, thickness: 80mm

Fermentation system



Several fermentation tanks, BBT

SUS304, thickness: 2.0-3.0mm

Polyurethane, thickness: 80mm

Cooling System



Glycol water tank, chiller

SUS304, thickness: 2.0-3.0mm

Polyurethane, thickness: 80mm

CIP system


Disinfection tank,alkali tank,CIP trolley

Clean all tanks before brewing beer or finish brewing beer. Use acid to clean firstly, secondly is alkaline,then is H2O2, finally is water. Then begin to brew beer

Control System

PID control box or PLC with touch screen

1. Milling System


2. Brewhouse System

3. Fermentation System

4. Cooling System

5. CIP System


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