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1000L Craft Beer Brewing Equipment
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1000L Craft Beer Brewing Equipment

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1000L Craft Beer Brewing Equipment



Main parts:

- mash/lauter tun - grist case, hydrator, sparging, false

- bottom, rake, ABB motor, YUANEN pump

- kettle/whirlpool tank - steam/electric/direct fire heated,

- steam boiler/generator, whrilpool inlet

- wort grant, hop back

- plate heat exchanger

- stainless steel carved skidproof platform 

- pipes and valves

- separate hot liquor tank 

- Fermenters and bright beer tank/brite tank, serving tank

- glycol water tank and chiller/refrigerating unit

- CIP cart

- Control cabinet - PID or PLC control with touch screen

1. Brewhouse System

- 2~4 vessles or combined system.

- Material: Stainelsss steel 304 or red copper

- Heating methord: Steam heated, electrical heated or direct fire

- Insulated HLT with the pipelines and pumps

- Plate heat exchanger., working platform.

- All the necessary pipelines and pumps.

2. Fermentation System

- Material: Stainelsss steel 304

- Interior shell thickness 3mm, Exterior shell=2mm

- Interior finish: external polished, 80mm insulation

- Manway: side manway or top manway

- 60~70 conical bottom for Fermener

- Racking arm, Sample valve, Pressure relief valve on the top, Dry hopping on the top

- BBT carbonation stone

3. Cooling System

- Description: Chiller/Refrigerating + Glycol tank

- Capacity: 3HP, 5HP, 7HP, 10HP, 15HP, 20HP, 30HP+ 500L-20000L tank

4. CIP System

- Function: Use for cleaning tanks

- Component: Disinfection tank, Alkali tank (with heating element), Pump and so on. This components are significant part of beer brewing equipment.

- Purpose: It is used for heating, washing, cleaning all the tanks when it finish the brewing.

5. Control System

- PID control cabinet or PLC control with touch screen

- Mashing control, fermenting control, cooling control


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